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Afghani Strain Review

The origins of this strain are Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush Mountains. The Afghani Cannabis strain is theorized the first Kush earliest strain consumed by ancient humans. Additionally, this strain is mother to many award-winning strains. It is a pure Indica strain with a THC content of 15%-25%.

This Cannabis strain has broad dark green leaves. It has densely packed pale green buds. Furthermore, numerous stunning orange pistils twist out among the sugary leaves on every corner of the bud. Also, a thick layer of trichomes and white hair blankets the nugs. A generous layer of resin is sprinkled on these flowers to make your hand sticky after grabbing them. Not only does this resin contribute to the strain’s beautiful appearance, but it also gives it potent Indica characteristics.

When the Afghani Kush strain’s plants blossom, they emit a pungent skunk and diesel fragrance. They emit earthy and citrusy hints when they are broken or crushed. Moreover, during combustion, these nugs produce a thick, harsh skunky smoke that makes you cough. Hints of pine and spice tickle your taste buds during exhalation.

The high of Afghani Kush strain makes the smoker euphoric and happy. Furthermore, it comes with a body buzz that leaves smokers entirely relaxed and pain-free. Eventually, it numbs you completely, locking you onto your couch and lulls you into a deep sleep.

Indoor and outdoor settings support this strain’s cultivation. It is suitable for novice farmers. Cannabis thrives in a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunlight. Suppose it is grown indoors, the crops flower after 7-8 weeks. They yield approximately 16 ounces of bud per square meter of cultivated land. The outdoor farmers see flowers by the end of September. The outdoor production is about 21 ounces per plant.

Afghani Marijuana Strain Appearance

Afghani Cannabis strain grows to a medium height. It has broad dark green leaves and densely packed pale green buds. Numerous stunning orange pistils twist out among the sugary leaves on every corner of the bud. On top of that, a thick layer of trichomes and white hair blanket the nugs. A generous layer of resin sprinkled on these flowers makes your hand gummy after holding them.

Afghani Cannabis Strain Fragrance

Freshly plucked buds fill a storage jar with pungent skunk and diesel fragrances. When dried and broken or crushed, you will feel earthy and citrusy hints on top of the previous fragrances.

Afghani Weed Strain Flavour

When you smoke this strain’s nugs, you will feel the thick and harsh skunky smoke that chokes you making you burst into coughs. Spice pine hints swirl on your mouth, tickling your taste buds. The flavors linger on your palate for long after exhalation.

Positive Effects

Being the parent of nearly all Indicas, this Kush strain delivers the most potent effects to a smoker. Its effects include a potent brain tinkle followed by a body thrill. You will be energized, creative, and inspired. During the peak, you will experience euphoria and happiness that make you burst into laughter without any apparent reason. Complete body relaxation leaves you pain-free. Eventually, numbness makes you stick on your couch, where the strain lulls you into a deep slumber. Keep your favorite snack within reach because you are going to experience hunger.

Negative Effects

Despite the high potency of this Indica, its adverse effects are surprisingly few and mild. You will experience cottonmouth and dry eyes if you do not consume adequate water. The rare adverse effects are; paranoia, anxiety, and headaches. Avoid these effects by consuming a modest amount of Kush. Novice smokers should try other less potent Indicas before trying this strain.

Medical Use

Apart from its leisure uses, the Afghani Marijuana strain also has medicinal significance. These benefits stem from its euphoric and sedative effects that relieve various medical and physical ailments. It clears your mind and bombards you with positive ideas, thus, keeping away the symptoms of PTSD and anxiety. This strain calms you and helps you forget your concerns, consequently helping treat depression.

This muscle-relaxant relieves pain, spasms, and cramps. Additionally, it has significant analgesic and inflammatory effects, therefore, prescribed to patients with chronic diseases. Its heavy sedation helps insomnia fall asleep. It also alleviates fatigue.


Being the mother of many present-day strains, Afghani delivers you a potent high that helps you end your day stylishly. Use this healer and wait for it to perform magic on your illnesses. Cut down the cost and time of sourcing Weed by growing it. Use this review to weigh the benefits of the strain to get the growing tips.

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