Jetty Extracts Vape Cartridges – OrganiCann


Jetty Extracts Vape Cartridges – OrganiCann

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Jetty Extracts Vape Cartridges – OrganiCann

California 2013: the early days of extracts. Jetty obsessed over everything to build their company right. Including surfing.

They are obsessed with perfection—working within the law, never cutting corners, never compromising their products or their values.

Above all, they make the finest, carefully crafted products, free of pesticides, chemicals, and fillers, all from right here in California.

Their commitment to upholding their values and creating clean cannabis products is exactly why we, here at Natural Cannabis Company, carry an assortment of their concentrates and vape products at OrganiCann, MendoCann, and Oakland Organics.

Notice: All cannabis concentrates and vaping products carried by The Natural Cannabis Company are thoroughly tested for purity and cleanliness and found free of vitamin E acetate. Each product we sell is lab tested per the State of California’s rigorous testing standards, ensuring every cannabis item you purchase is free from heavy metals, insecticides, solvents, microbial impurities, mycotoxins, and foreign materials. Your health is our utmost priority and we’re committed to only providing healthy, clean cannabis products you can feel good about enjoying.

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