Moonrock Meteorock – 3 x Blueberry Crumble jars – 1.2g per

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Three jars of 1.1 – 1.2 grams of Premium Hand Trimmed Hybrid Bud into the shape of a Metoerock. Hand dipped in SHATTER Cherry Co2 Hash Oil. Powdered in Golden Keif. This is the most renowned Global Moonrock with a ALL new Spring 2021 flavour. Light Blueberry taste with a hint of Crumble cake for an amazing dessert taste with a full terpene earthy, organic cannabis white smoke.

This is a Top selling flavour Blueberry with a dessert cake taste.



We are delighted to offer our line of high quality, consistent products across the country. Our deliciously flavored moonrocks and prerolls produce otherworldly euphoria. We develop concentrate covered marijuana buds for folks feeling a little, or a lot out of orbit. Clients that prefer a concoction of keif, concentrates, and flowers to calm their ailments will appreciate the dank euphoria and delicious flavors that we offer.

Known as the Masters of Moonrock. We have been creating our products since the beginning of October 2016. We are now the only majorly known Moonrock company in Canada. With renowned customer service, speedy order processing and consistent quality MRC has become a national name in Canada. Stay tuned as we bring new exceptional products to our menu. In 2020 we added 120 new products and flavours alone!

Other products we offer are BEST SELLING Meteorocks and Stardust Prerolls. Similar to our original products these two products have all the same ingredients except for one addition. AAA shatter! These two products pack a little bit more punch for the smokers out there looking for a even more potent high. They have a very loyal following from some of our most experienced canna-connoisseurs. Check them out here: Meteoroks Stardust

Moonrock Pre-Rolls

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